About Us

CHOBI Co.,Ltd. is a composite fertilizer maker which was first established by private capital in Korea on Nov.

Nov, 1955 in the name of Chosun Fertilizer Industrial Co.,Ltd. for the purpose of scientific agriculture, soil improvement and production of quality fertilizer. Since Ulsan factory was completed in 1968 which produced high-compound composite fertilizer, it has been producing and distributing composite fertilizer for each agricultural product.

It first developed hydrophonic fertilizer cultivating without soil in Korea in 1985 and durable fertilizer which improved the controlled release fertilizer method in 1987(awarded gold prize at New York EXPO). It has contributed a lot to the increase of farm households’ income and has been recognized as a leading company

CHOBI was listed in 1976 and grew up and developed into a diversifying its management and developing it’s business activities by launching the businesses of nonwoven fabric, activated carbon and leisure. CHOBI, as a national enterprise, will strive to improve people’s lives to become abundant and sound, We will do our utmost to be a growing and developing enterprise with the people.